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The internal door is no longer considered a simple piece of wood to separate two spaces; rather, it is now an integral part of the home’s interior design; sometimes it stands out for its minimalist characteristics, whereas other times it draws attention to itself. Manufacturers, for their part, work with products that are radically divergent: from brushable polyester coatings to lacquered water-based UV top coats (open-pore and closed-pore), all of which produce excellent results, making them part of the frame of reference for this sector. Moreover, the availability of models, wood species and finishes is infinite. As a result, Volontà’s products have been adapted to meet the widest possible array of requirements.

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During the development and formulation of new products, the technicians at the Volontà R&D laboratory pay particular attention to the intended uses, and always attempt to combine as successfully as possible the aesthetic aspect with the chemical/physical performance levels. Specifically, in the production of doors, the coatings serves to “defend” the door from the wear-and-tear to which it is subject every day. For this reason, Volontà’s products for doors are evaluated by means of rigorous testing of their chemical resistance (stains, detergents, etc.).

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