polyester coatings

Polyester coatings react with the accelerator (usually cobalt) and the (peroxide-based) catalyst, generating a highly resistant film that endows the surface with a high level of hardness.

Particularly suitable for closed-pore top coats, they make it possible to achieve a coating film with excellent chemical/physical resistance, that is easy to sand and is subject to limited shrinkage over time.

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Product range

VOLONTAPAINT offers an extensive range of polyester coatings: transparent and pigmented paraffinated polyester coatings for use as base coats or as base/top coats that can be polished; and transparent white, traditional or styrene-free polyester base coats.
The range of polyester coatings also includes photoinitiatable products with UV drying: transparent/pigmented, gloss/matt base coats and top coats. 

Features of polyester coatings

— Ease of use

— Spray, roller, curtain coater or electrostatic

— High solid content (65-90%)

— High chemical/physical resistance

— Excellent shine

— Easy to sand

— Rapid-drying

— Reduced yellowing

— Formaldehyde-free

— NMP-free

Iridea Polyester

Polyester coatings

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