Urban Matter

Urban soul, contemporary style, with material-like effects that have strong visual impact.  The Urban Matter range – composed of high-impact, material-like effects – embodies a style that is at once contemporary, refined, realistic and “imperfect” (due to the deliberate unevenness of the coated surface). It is a style that is very much inspired by the everyday. Using this range, it is possible to produce surfaces with SteelLiquid FoilCorten and Stone effects, retaining the rough appearance of the material being simulated while also offering the warmth to the touch that only wood can provide. The Urban Matter range can be deployed for a plethora of creative uses, giving the imagination free rein, with the potential to come up with an infinite variety of ever-changing and unique effects.

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VOLONTAPAINT: solutions that matter

We know what matters to our customers. We know their challenges, their products and their markets. That’s why we offer solutions. Solutions that matter.


From concept design to go-to-market, we provide support to our customers by optimizing activities and processes.


We consider ourselves as strategic partners, as we always aim to provide concrete and efficient solutions to our customers’ problems and needs.


We are engaged in projects that decrease the impact of products and processes on our planet.

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