Solutions for Woods

VOLONTAPAINT has marked some major milestones in the history of coatings for wood in Italy. The most important is undoubtedly linked to the spread of water-based coatings, first in the field of exterior frames and shutters and then also in the complex world of interior furnishings.

Due to the close symbiosis with the wood-furniture industry, which is one of the cornerstones of Italian manifacturing, together with the fashion and food sectors, VOLONTAPAINT stepped into the international limelight with a range of coatings for wood able to fulfill customers’ requests from any geographical area.

A laboratory entirely dedicated to our customers, designers and planners, where we put technology, knowledge and research at your disposal.


Exterior frames and shutters

Wooden houses and facings

Decking and garden furniture

Interior furnishings




Marine interiors

Traditional wooden flooring

Pre-finished wooden flooring

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